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Suffolk County Personal Injury

New York State places time limits on your right to sue for personal injury in Suffolk County. These limits vary depending on the type of injury you receive and on who caused that injury. These are known as "Statutes of Limitations."

A Statute of Limitations is a law that limits the time period within which you may sue a person or company or governmental agency in Suffolk County. There are different types of limitations for various types of Suffolk County lawsuits. For example, there are very strict, seperate rules when the government has caused an injury because governments are ordinarily immune from lawsuits in Suffolk County.

These are examples of limitations on when you can sue if you were injured by a private citizen or company:

Suffolk County Slip and Fall                                          3 Years From date of Accident

Suffolk County Car Accident                                         3 Years From Date of Accident

Suffolk County Product Liability                                  3 Years From Date of Injury/ Negligence

Suffolk County Negligent Act (General)                     3 Years From Date of Negligent Act

Suffolk County Emotional Distress                              3 Years From Date of Negligent Act

Suffolk County Medical Malpractice                            2 1/2 Years From date of Malpractice or

                                                                                              from end of continious treatment

                                                                                              rendered by the party or entity you

                                                                                              intend to sue for a particular condition

                                                                                              illness or injury.

Suffolk County Wrongful Death                                    2 Years From Date of Death

Suffolk County Libel/ Slander                                        1 Year From Date of Libelous Act

Suffolk County Assault/ Battery                                    1 Year From Date of Act

Suffolk County Emotional Distress (Intentional)      1 Year From Date of Act

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